1[13A. Power of the commission to cause investigation to find out whether or not orders made by it have been complied with.

(1) The Commission may, if it has any reasonable cause to believe that any person has omitted or failed to comply with any order made by it under this Act or any obligation imposed on him by or under any order made by the Commission under this Act, authorise the Director General or any officer of the Commission to make an investigation into the matter and the Director General, or the officer so authorised, may, for the purpose of making such investigation, exercise all or any of the powers conferred on the Director General by section 11.

(2) On the conclusion of the investigation, the Director General, or, as the case may be, the officer so authorised, shall submit to the Commission a report of the investigation to enable the Commission to take such action in the matter as it may think fit.] 


1.  Inserted by Act No. 30 of 1984, w.e.f. 1st. August, 1984.